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The most diligent and professional attorney in the City . Very happy with the result. Absolutely professional and responsive.


I have never had such a positive experience with any of the attorneys I had worked with. Julia backed me during the life crisis. The service she provided was very competent, and I never had an issue for all the 2 years of probate proceedings. I had so many legal paperwork to sign, but every single document was explained to me. Overall, the process was simple and understandable.


Yuliya did a great job on my case. She was much more trustworthy than the average Divorce lawyer I came across. She helped me through the legal process and utilized her knowledge and experience to put me in the best portion for my case.


What an excellent firm, helped with my wife's immigration issues. Extremely professional and down to earth! I am so thankful that Yuliya Vangorodska decided to take on my case. highly recommended.


I am so thankful that Yuliya Vangorodska decided to take on my case. Her work ethic and compassion are ultimately what gave me a second chance at life.


Julia and other lawyers from her office handled the probate administration that lasted for 2 years. However, without their effort, it would certainly take more than 4 years! She entirely eased the process for me. Despite the pile of affidavits and waivers that I needed to sign, I was very well prepared, and nothing much more than that was required. No court appearances whatsoever. Now, we approach the finish line. I can recommend Julia as a very knowledgeable estate attorney.


My experience with Vangorodska Law Firm did not meet my expectations. It seems the attorney I was dealing with didn’t have enough experience to deal with my issue. Besides, constant disputes over inflated fees were adding stress where it wasn’t needed.


Kind and genuinely caring attorney who has always fulfilled my expectations, Very organized and helpful staffs. Such a positive experience with this law firm, totally different to others I've used in the past. Thanks for all your help!!


I would just like to say a big thank you for taking on my case. Really efficient service from Yuliya Vangorodska. A difficult situation was made easier by supportive, friendly staff who provided me with information that was easy to understand. We had a successful outcome in court hearing.


My divorce was dealt with by Yuliya Vangorodska whom I found to be a very knowledgeable and capable international divorce solicitor. Thank you to Yuliya and the team for all their help.


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