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Yuliya Vangorodska became a lawyer in New York and has been a formidable force to be reckoned with ever since. Yuliya specializes in divorce and separation, child custody, domestic abuse, and uncontested divorce. Several of Yuliya’s clients have been known to describe her as protectively aggressive, probably appearing to her opponents like a very hungry shark in the wild ocean; an analogy that reflects her passion for the law and her overwhelming desire to see that her clients achieve the desired results.

Yuliya has worked long enough as a lawyer to immediately identify and understand where one case can be more difficult than others. Applying all available resources to the toughest divorce, separation, custody and domestic violence cases, Yuliya’s reputation in family law in New York is unparalleled.

She provides her clients with personalized representation that is ideal for their specific circumstances. One of Yuliya ‘s best approaches is to explain the law in lay terms about her client’s case, giving the client the opportunity to make a well-informed decision about what to do with a divorce, dispute resolution, or child custody case. Simply put, with Yuliya Vangorodska on your side, regardless of the facts of your case, you are of getting the most professional representation.

Yuliya is not only a renowned divorce lawyer; she also has extensive experience in all matters related to family law, being a veteran of family law and divorce. Whether you are looking for a reliable lawyer for domestic violence cases, asset allocation after a breakup, or child custody decisions, Yuliya Vangorodska is always ready to provide you with expert advice based on the vast knowledge gathered and constantly updated over the past four decades.

Yuliya Vangorodska is a respected New York divorce lawyer. The last thing people want to think about when they get married is divorce lawyers. The last stage for businesspeople contemplating a divorce is the headache of finding a divorce lawyer. More than 95% of divorce lawyers are obtained through the recommendation of friends. Julia has been recommended as a successful divorce attorney but also in the field of inheritance.

With a deep understanding of the law combined with the complexities that make the law function, Julia has proven her experience on a regular basis as she effortlessly helps clients overcome some of life’s toughest crises.

With her focus on divorce, separation, domestic violence, and uncontested divorce Julia has been seen as a restraining force on the other party involved. Clients describe her as quite aggressive and a dominant figure in the courtroom. Even in the most challenging cases, Ms Vangorodska enjoys an unrivaled reputation as she provides her clients with personalized representation tailored to their specific circumstances.

After graduating from Touro College Law School, Jacob D. Fuchsbe Law Center in New York, Ms. Yuliya Vangorodska was admitted to the New York City Bar in 2006. If you or someone close to you is facing a problem in any area in which Ms. Vangorodskaya practises, contact her today to get rid of all the difficulties and set out a clear and even way forward together.


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