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Finding a law firm is fairly easy. However, finding a top-notch, highly-regarded and extensively experienced law firm is not so easy. We proudly represent clients in many areas of law. Whether you are in need of an attorney with experience in criminal law, civil law, divorce law, healthcare law, etc. our legal team is there for you. We work tirelessly to protect your rights and help you obtain the best possible outcome for your particular case. When you retain our firm for your legal matter, you become a member of our family.  We promise to treat you with the same respect and courtesy we would show to members of our own family. Now is the time to take action. Contact our firm to schedule a consultation. Our talented and skilled legal staff is always available for a consult and will evaluate the best available course of action in your legal matter. 

Yuliya Vangorodska

An Experienced Trial Lawyer

More than 15 Years of Experience

No one knows what tomorrow may bring. We don’t predict your future, we PROTECT it.

Our Advantages


We have highly skilled and experienced lawyers that can successfully manage all of your critical legal needs, from consultation to representation at trial or settlement.


We can be in touch with you 24/7. Calls are accepted 24/7. We will get back in touch to clarify the details of your case.

Talented team

We have top rated experts in criminal law, family law, litigation, immigration law and corporate law in our team.

Legal fees

We only for the actual work done by our attorney and our charges are fair. We provide itemized billing.

Practice Areas


Litigation is a chess match, and you need litigation attorney who make the right opening moves that set up for an inevitable victory.

Family law

Our attorneys have ample experience and knowledge in dealing with matters that breach provisions enshrined in the family law.

Criminal Law

Laws may differ across nations, but justice can be found no matter which country you are from or based in if the legal specifications are correct.


It is important to have a skilled and experienced business dispute attorney by your side to help guide you through the dispute resolution process.


Understanding immigration law is a good way to ensure that your rights are protected and you are aware of them at all times.

The reasons to contact us now

It's your life

Don't take any chances with your freedom and your reputation. Hire an experienced criminal attorney.

We're flexible

Can't come to us? Our investigators will come to you to discuss your situation.

It's your future

Your ability to get a job, work in your field, and earn a living in the future can be permanently affected by a criminal prosecution. Our firm can protect your rights.


With highly experienced defense lawyers and staff members, we have the means to help you with your criminal case, and keep your informed throughout the process


Our firm has been helping criminal defendants win their cases for over 20 years, and every attorney and staff member on our team are experienced and dedicated.

Se Habla Español

And more. Our bilingual attorneys and staff can help protect your rights in many different languages.

How does it work?

Law firm specialists know how important it is to carry out their work step by step. This is half the success in any activity. The main stages of cooperation are:

Get in touch with us

Contact details are listed on the website. Calls are accepted 24/7. You can also use the online form. We will get back in touch to clarify the details of your case.

Get an initial consultation

Experts will carefully listen to your problem, answer your questions, and provide possible solutions.

Sign an agreement

If you decide to use the services of a law firm, the conclusion of a written agreement is an obligatory part. The document set out all the obligations of the parties, the cost of services, and other working points.

Resolve your case

We're committed to bringing your case to the best possible outcome.

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