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Starting your own business or growing a successful company is the American Dream. When you start a company or work to build your business into a great success, you take control over your own destiny. You can provide important services to the community, earn a good living, and create a strong legacy for your loved ones.

To build or grow a business, you need more than just a good idea and more than just business savvy. You need to know how to work within the regulatory and legal systems and how to make the law work for you. A New York City business lawyer can help.

Practice area

Corporate law is a highly diverse practice and is integral to both legal and business industries.


Fraud is a false representation of fact by words or conduct. False or misleading accusations and concealment of facts that should be disclosed can all be considered fraud. Fraudulent actions happen all of the time, but when a fraud is committed with the intent to deceive another person, this qualifies the fraud as a white collar crime.

Money laundering

If you are someone who owns a business that gets a lot of packages and stock from overseas entities, then there is a chance that you might be falsely implicated in a money laundering charge by overzealous prosecutors.

Contract Law

Contracts are vital for doing business in America for all types of companies big or small or individuals. In days past, a simple handshake and person’s word was enough. These days, however, contracts have become increasingly comprehensive and complex and very hard to understand.

Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property rights are constitutionally protected conceptions of the human mind. These conceptions include but are not limited to, inventions, discoveries, artistic works, certain methodologies, processes, and products.

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