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How To Avoid A Drug Arrest


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Millions of Americans have been arrested for drug possession and drug sales over the years leading to criminal records and often prison terms. While the move to legalize marijuana in gaining acceptance, hard drugs will still remain illegal for the next few decades and Americans are going to have to find better ways to deal with the problem.

Rather than putting people in prison for the use of cocaine, heroin, extasy, and pain pills, we should be looking at drug treatment programs and in-patient facilities to help people quit drugs and curb the crime that is associated with drug addicts who commit crimes to suport their drug habits.

If you are going to use drugs, and as a criminal lawyer who has had 30 years experience with alcoholics and drug addicts I would advise against it, you should at least avoid getting arrested for your drug activities.

Most drug arrests occur on the streets and in vehicles as that is where the poilce are looking for drug activity. If you going to smoke pot it would not be a good idea to smoke it in a park, at a concert, on the street, or in a car. Marijuana has a distinct odor that will be detectd by the police even if it is not burned. They will see you smoking it in public and arrest you.

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